Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shopping Day!!

Friday May 18, 2012

Konnor is officially 13 months old today.  Yay!!!  It is pretty much the consensus of everyone we meet that he is just absolutely adorable.  I am totally biased of course, but I have to say that I agree 1000%.

Today our guide picked us up to take us to do some shopping.  We were armed with our list of things that we really wanted to try to get.  The first stop was the pearl shop.  These ladies were great and I was able to get a belated Mother's Day present for me from Mark (pearls are Konnor's birth stone : ) and we also picked up a necklace and earrings for Konnor to give his future wife or daughter.  We wanted him to have something to pass on that was from the province he is from and that we had gotten at the time he came home.  They are beautiful and I couldn't even get fake pearls this cheap back home.  Jackpot!!!!  The rest of our shopping adventure was cut off b/c it was pouring down rain with no signs of stopping.  WE are supposed to go do a little more shopping after Konnor's physical tomorrow.

I had my first person come up and touch Konnor today.  I did NOT care for this.  I dealt with it ok though and our guide was there and talked the lady away.  I have found that people are much more likely to approach me when I am by myself than when Mark is standing close by.  Now we just try to keep within a few feet of eachother so he can deter anyone that makes me uncomfortable.  Have I mentioned that I have the worlds greatest Husband?!?  He has been so wonderful with Konnor and very patient with me and all my craziness since we have been here.  I am sure that he can't wait until we get home and can get back to something that resembles normalcy.

Really that is all for today so I thought I would take this opportunity to make note of some of a few things we have learned about our new son in the last 5 days.
-when he is very tired the finger goes in the mouth and he gets VERY chatty.  He started saying something like "aiya aiya aiya" over and over until he falls asleep (that is when he isn't screaming b/c he is overtired).

-he is very ticklish!!!

-he has a smile that can light up a room and a giggle to match

-he is fascinated by watching himself in the mirror

-he loves anything that makes noise

-he can crawl like a mad man

-he loves to walk while holding onto fingers

-he loves water and really doesn't mind the bath part of it at all

Just to name a few.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Snuggles with BaBa

There is a new Cardinals fan in the house!!!!

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