Sunday, May 20, 2012

Medical Exam

Saturday May 19, 2012

Our guide picked us up at 0830 to head over for Konnor's medical exam.  We stopped on the way and picked up another family that is adopting a little girl and using the same agency.  The little girl is absolutely darling, but as soon as she saw me she started screaming.  Poor thing.  We headed over to get the exam's and let me tell you this is like running a marathon.  The first thing you do is go into this little room where the child HAS to sit on a stool facing forward to get a picture taken.  Konnor had fallen asleep on the way over and let me just say that he was not a fan of them waking him up to take a  picture.  Did I mention that he also hates the flash?  You get about one picture with a flash and then you have to turn it off or you get a meltdown.  That is why some of my pictures look so dark.  Anyway they took like 5 pictures with a flash.  We went into the lobby and then had to turn around and go back in again b/c the pictures didn't turn out.  WHAT!!  Seriously you photograph these children all day don't you have this down to an artform.  Oh well, we managed to get it and the final product was a pretty stinkin cute picture. Next we got in line for the medical exams.  The first room the woman listened to his heart and lungs, laid him down and palpated his belly and gave him a once over looksey and that was it.  Ok not to bad.  He did pretty well.  Next we went for measurements.  The woman just reached over and grabbed him away to put him on the scale.  My initial reaction was to grab him back, but I knew it needed to be done.  They checked height and weight (about 16.5 lbs), figured out that he is ticklish and handed him back.  I was so excited when he reached for me.  Then we went into a little room for the ENT exam.  Konnor sat on my lap, the guy squeeked a toy on each side a couple times to make sure Konnor was hearing and responding on each side, did a quick lookey loo in his nose/mouth and ears and blessed him to move on.  I had been worried about a possible ear infection b/c he was pulling at his ears alot, but he said they are clear and so I am thinking this is maybe just an I am starting to get tired thing.  I swear it took me longer to type this all out then the actual exam took.  They herd you from room to room and there are dozens of other families all waiting to do the same thing in the lobby.  It was nuts.

We just hung out in the room for the next couple hours until the loud people upstairs woke him up from his nap.  I swear they must have been building the ark up there with all the banging that was going on.  We ended up meeting another family for dinner.  This is the family that we had met in Chicago that was on the same flight to Hong Kong as us.  They are great and their little girl is adorable.  We went to a Mexican restraunt that was actually pretty good.  Konnor did amazingly well and didn't "check out" the entire time we were out and about.  He even shared his toys pretty well when they stopped by to drop off some snackies for Konnor that their daughter didn't want.

Next was bed.  We have found that despite that fact that our instinct is to rock him to sleep, Konnor actually prefers it if we just lay with him on the bed and he can snuggle us until he falls asleep on his own.  Occasionally he will let us rock him, but it is usually a struggle.  I think he was used to putting himself to sleep at the orphanage.  We want him to go to sleep knowing we are there and that he is safe and protected so just letting him fall asleep in the crib is not an option.  We all seem to have compromised pretty well with lets just all lay on the bed together until Konnor falls asleep and then we transfer him to the crib.  The first few nights he was sleeping thru the night, but the last 3 he is waking up around 2-230 and coming to lay in bed with us the rest of the night.  He has been really restless the last few nights so I don't know if it is his teeth bothering him or just him adjusting to his new situation.  On a tooth note he still has 2 teeth, there is another one working it's way up on the bottom that I can see, but it just doesn't want to break thru.  I figure it will probably make an appearance on the 15 hour flight home : )

Developmentally this child never ceases to amaze me.  He is very aware of his surroundings and knows exactly what he is doing.  We have a basket in the room that he has his toys in.  His favorite toy is the stacking cups we brought (seriously the best $1 I ever spent at the Dollar Store).  He will put them in the basket and then take them out.  When he is playing with then he knows exactly which one he wants and if you try to hand him one that he didn't want he will just go around you to get the one he wants.   In the last 2 days he has learned how to go from a standing position to a sitting position all by himself.  He has an onery streak.  He has started hearing "No" in the last few days b/c he figured out where the outlets are in the room and now thinks it is a game to try get around us.  And he doesn't forget either.  Just b/c he has moved on to play with something else does not mean that he has forgotten about them.  He is just waiting until you think he has forgotten about them : )

Konnor taking everything out of the basket
MaMa and Konnor

The Hendricks Family out to dinner

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