Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Road to Konnor.......

Now that we are only a few days away from traveling, I thought it would be a good time to hit the highlights of how we got to this point in the process.
1/22/11-We mailed our application to Madison Adoption Associates

2/2/11-We mailed our signed contract back to the agency.  We are officially Paper Pregnant!!

4/1/11-Final homestudy visit.

5/16/11-Homestudy submitted to DCFS

6/20/11-Home Study approved : )

6/22/11-Immigration form I-800A mailed to USCIS to gain permission to adopt from a Hague convention country

7/15/11-We walked in for fingerprinting in St. Louis for USCIS

8/27/11-Received USCIS approval on day 65!!!  We were given permission to adopt 1 child or twins under the age of 3.

9/2/11-The day we found out that the Chinese Embassy wouldn't accept Mark's birth certificate

10/28/11-Were are officially DTC (Dossier to China).  We decided to send our Dossier without Mark's birth certificate and wait to see if they would accept his passport instead.

11/21/11-We received an email from our courier that he had finally gotten the Chinese Embassy to accept Mark's birth certificate. The birth certificate was then sent to China to catch up with the rest of our Dossier.

12/20/11-Finally find out that our LID (log-in-date) was 11/10/11 and receive a referral to review

12/23/11-Call our agency and official accept our Son's referral

12/31/11-Receive our Pre-Approval letter

3/9/12-Receive our LOA (Letter of Acceptance) on day 70

3/23/12-Approval of our I-800 from USCIS. This is permission to adopt a specific child and classify them as an immediate relative.

3/29/12-Approval from the National Visa Center

4/13/12-Article 5 picked up from the Consulate in China

4/18/12-Konnor's 1st birthday!!!

4/23/12-Received Travel Approval!!!!!!!!!!!

5/8/12-Board a flight to China

5/14/12-GOTCHA DAY

5/23/12-Konnor is officially home with his Forever Family!!!!!


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  1. The next few weeks will be perhaps the most exciting ones of your life. I'm so excited for you and perhaps a bit envious. What fun you're about to have!