Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An almost 2 yr old : )

Sheeesh!  I can't believe it, but next week we will officially have a 2 year old in the house.  It is crazy to think that Konnor has already been with us for 11 months.  We waited so long for this amazing little boy and now time is just flying by.  I keep telling him to stop growing so fast so Mama has a chance to get used to the idea of him as a big boy.  He is working on another (hopefully his last one for awhile) molar : ( and I think maybe a canine as well.   On an AWESOME note....we had our 1 month postop f/u from getting his 2nd set of tubes yesterday and ....drumroll please.....his ears are completely clear, WhooHoo!!!!  Praying they stay that way for awhile b/c he really needs a break from all the antibiotics.

The last few weeks Konnor has really gotten into animals.  There is an animal sounds song on youtube that we watch every day.  We decorated the downstairs bathroom in jungle theme (thanks to his Grandma's Easter present) and he constantly goes up and points to the different animals to be identified.   He can identify elephant, zebra, giraffe, cat, dog, cow, sheep, duck, monkey, frog, lion, bear and I am sure a few more that I just can't think of right now.  We still don't have any words, but his comprehension is thru the roof the last few weeks.  He is following simple commands very well and is turning out to be a very good helper when unloading the dishwasher or unpacking grocery bags.

Here is a preview of his 2 yr pictures we had done, prepared for cuteness overload : )

This picture is my favorite b/c it is just totally his personality!


  1. Almost 2 already?! He's growing so fast, Ashley! He looks so happy and healthy. :-)

  2. OhMyGosh -- I can almost hear him laughing when I look at your favorite photo...he is cute, cute, cute.