Tuesday, November 20, 2012

3 weeks Post Op

So tomorrow will be 3 weeks since Konnor's lip repair.  He is AMAZING!!!!  We saw the surgeon last week and no major ill effects from our little fall on day 4 post op.  He appears to be healing beautifully and seriously you can barely even tell he had a cleft at all--ever.  We will see the surgeon again in a couple weeks, but so far all looks good.  The only bad thing is that we definitely have a hole in his palate : (  Boooooo!!!!!  There is no way of knowing if the area in question finally just gave out under the strain of another surgery or if his fall weakened an area, but we definitely have food/drink coming out of his nose now.  The reality is that this was always a possibility b/c his palate repair was so extensive.  It is not bothering him at all or impeding his eating so for now we are just going to watch and wait.  The surgeon said that sometimes they repair themselves, but if it hasn't healed in a year then he would think about another surgery to close the area.

We had our 18 month Well Child Check (yes a month late, but they wanted to wait until after surgery) today.  Holy Cow this little boy, who I can't say is all that little anymore, has gained 6 lbs and 3 1/2 inches in the 6 months and 6 days he has been with us.  That is after 2 major oral/facial surgeries that had him on soft diets for 7 weeks!  He is now officially in double digits on the growth chart: ht/wt 11%/16%.  Not to shabby considering at the end of May he was ht/wt 2%/1%.  He is just getting so big.     It makes me sad that he is growing so fast, but oh so proud at the same time.  In respects to everything else he is doing really well developmentally.  He is starting speech therapy in 2 weeks, but you can tell that he is already starting to try to say words.  Can't wait till we hear Mama and Papa for the first time!

The last 2 weekends have been wonderful.  Just Mark, Konnor and I having quiet family time.  We went to the local zoo one day.  It is a really small zoo, but Konnor loved the monkeys.  We now have a piano for Mr. Konnor man.  I know he is only 19 months, but the deal was to good to pass up so for now we just sit at it and he gently touches the keys.  We plan on starting piano lessons when he is about 3, but until then I am going to get a beginner piano book and try to teach myself a few simple songs.  Now that surgeries are done for awhile we are trying to settle back into a normal daily life routine.  We are very excited about getting to celebrate the upcoming holidays with our little monkey man.  We are so thankful everyday for the blessing of being his parents.

Happy early Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

The Hendricks Family

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  1. He is so sweet! I'm so glad that he's doing well, Ashley!