Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Konnor!!!!!

Yes I know that technically it is still April 17 here, but over in China it is already April 18 which means that our baby boy is now officially 1 year old.  We are both excited and sad about this.  We are very excited, because this will be the only birthday that he spends without a forever family.  We are also sad, because he is still half-way around the world and we can't celebrate this day with him in our arms. And yes we do have some presents for him to open when he gets home!!!

Although we are very excited for Konnor's birthday it is important for us to remember that he also has another family that will be mourning this day.  I would love to be selfish and ignore the fact that he has a birth family, but that is not something that we can do now or ever.  We will never really know or understand the reasons his birth family had for abandoning him that day a year ago.  We could speculate, but ultimately all it would be is guessing, and we don't want Konnor to grown up with a false idea of what may or may not have happened.  What I do know is that on this day for the rest of their lives this other family will think of this little boy.  They will wonder what happened to him.  Is he safe?   Did he find a forever family?  Is he loved?  These are questions that they will never have the answers too.

 My heart aches for this family. I have cried tears for this family and the loss they have endured.  I can't begin to imagine the pain that went into the decision they made.  They will never see what kind of man this little boy will grow up to be. They will never be blessed with his smiles or hugs.  Never be able to watch him as he learns new things and meets new people.   I will never be able to tell them how much he is loved, or how much we appreciate the sacrifice they made.  So on this day every year we will celebrate the birth of our Son.  We will have parties, laugh and have cake fights : )   But there will always be an extra prayer on our lips for this other family halfway around the world.  We will always remember them and pray that they have peace with the decision they made. 

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