Friday, April 13, 2012

Article 5 Pickup, YIPPPEEEE!!!

So our Article 5 has been picked up from the American Embassy in Guangzhou.  What does this mean you may ask???????  It means that we are OFFICIALLY WAITING ON TA (Travel Approval)!!!!  Yes I love exclamation points, but this is soooo exciting : )  We are on the downward slope now and are just waiting on our travel approval which is basically them saying "come get him!"  On average it takes 2-3 weeks to get your TA, however in the last 2 weeks people have been getting them in 10-14 days.  We are keeping fingers crossed for a short TA wait.  In theory if all goes well we should be on a plane to China within 2-3 weeks of getting TA.  I pretty much told our caseworker to just get the first available date possible and if I have to swim to China then so be it because I will not make him spend one second longer than absolutely necessary without his forever family.  That means we should be traveling sometime in May (fingers crossed).

Since we are getting so close to leaving we have really had to buckle down and start getting stuff done around here.  Today is paint Konnor's room day.  Tommorow is Orphans and Adoptions Conference...for anyone interested in attending please see for details...   Hopefully in the next week we can get the carpets cleaned.  Yes I have started compiling all of our stuff for travel.  Mostly just the basics.  I am waiting to start packing his clothes until we get another update (our agency has requested one).  I am meeting with the Pediatrician next Tuesday to talk about his plan of care.  I am trying to run thru all the food in our house so that the week prior to leaving I can start from scratch and precook a bunch of stuff.  Anyone with good recipes that freeze well please give me a shout.    Oh the list goes on and on.  Keep checking back because I know there are a couple more posts coming in the next week.

Happy Friday!!!!!


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