Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thank You!!

We are so humbled by the generosity of others.  In less than 5 days we have not only met, but exceeded the amount we need for our matching grant funds for Brittany's Hope Foundation.   To say Thank You just doesn't seem like enough.  How do you thank someone for helping you to make your dream of parenthood a reality?  How do you thank someone for helping to save a child's life?  There really are no words to adequately explain how grateful we are to everyone who has supported us during this process.

Halfway around the world there is a little boy with big brown eyes, kissable cheeks and a smile waiting to be unleashed.  As I type this he is in the middle of his morning routine.  I don't know if he is taking a nap, having a snack or playing, but this is what I do know.....He is LOVED!!!  I pray that our son can feel even a fraction of the love that is coming his way.  In a few short months his little world is going to be turned upside down.  He will be scared and confused, but I know that with the love and support of not only us, but of all the people who have waited so long for him to come home that he will be alright.  It's not enough to just say Thank You, but until we have a busy toddler at home that can give thank you hugs it will have to do.

Mark, Ashley, Konnor and Baxter

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  1. Ashley, I am so glad that things are coming together for you and your family. Can't wait until Konnor is HOME! :-)