Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 55

So today makes day 55 of our LOA wait.  What exactly is the LOA you may ask...if not I am gonna tell you anyway : )  The LOA or Letter of Acceptance is the letter from China that basically says they have reviewed all of our paperwork, all of Konnor's paperwork and they are officially giving us the ok to adopt Konnor and proceed with the immigration process.  It can take anywhere from 30-120 nail biting days to get your LOA.  The LOA is HUGE!!!!  I was totally doing fine with the wait until last Friday when I suddenly got this fruitcake idea that they were going to reject us for whatever reason.  I was totally freaking out!!!  Thank goodness I have a Hubby who just rolls his eyes when I get irrational : )  Once we get LOA we are only 2-3 months away from meeting our little boy for the first time.  On Monday our agency said that our paperwork had gone "in process," which means that it is currently being reviewed.  We are hoping to get our LOA in the next 10 days, fingers crossed!!!  Praying that we could be in China early to mid May.  Please keep your fingers crossed that we get LOA soon so we can hurry on to the next step of bringing Konnor home.

Also, we have friends that are currently traveling to meet their daughter for the first time in China.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers during the next few weeks.  Pray that their daughter has an easy transition into her new life and everyone comes home safely.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!


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