Friday, September 2, 2011

Needing some positive vibes

Soooooo.  Got some bad news today.  Here is the short version.  Mark was born in Germany while his father was stationed there.  This means that he has what is know as a Consular Report of Birth Abroad.  This is the birth certificate for anyone born a citizen, but not born on US soil.  We got a new copy of this from the US Department of State a few months ago.  Here is where the problem arises.  This form has changed several times over the years.  The newest version came out at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately the Embassy of China has either not received (not sure if it just hasn't been sent or they didn't know what they were getting) the information needed to authenticate this new form.  We found out that this has been an issue for numerous families in the last 6 months, but nothing has been done to rectify this situation.  The Department of State says they have sent the info and the Embassy of China says they have not gotten what they need to authenticate this new form.  The problem being that this form is a required document in our Dossier.  Essentially:  No form = No Dossier to China and we are at a complete standstill. We have a copy of Mark's original form from years ago so we are trying to send that with a copy of the new form to see if the Embassy will authenticate it that way, but only time will tell.  We have already contacted our local Senator and requested assistance in getting this issue resolved between the Department of State and the Embassy.  We know that it all happens in God's timing and that one day we will look back and laugh, but right now it seems crushing to know we have come so far to be halted by a miscommunication.  Please keep us and the other families involved in your thoughts during these coming days.  Hopefully we can get a quick resolution to this so we can bring our children home to their forever families.

Mark and Ashley


  1. Oh no! How frustrating! We will keep you in our prayers. We called and our 1800-A has not been reviewed yet. We are expecting it to take the full 60-70 days. Hang in there!

  2.'s like throwing a blade of grass in a big machine and halting it. It's so crazy to know something as simple as that could be so essential in the workings of the process. :( You're'll all happen when it's supposed, too. But, my goodness, you're allowed your sadness today.

  3. Ashley, there are no words to adequately console you. I remember when we hit our own speed bumps. I knew no one could say anything to make me feel better -- I just needed them to let me vent. Vent away, girl. You're so right; God's timing is best. That doesn't stop us from wishing that timing was more speedy! God bless you & Mark as you get over this road block.