Thursday, June 9, 2011

Home Study, Home Study Where Are You???

Our home study was sent to DCFS on May 16.  Last we heard it was taking approx 3-4 weeks for approval.  We are 24 days into our wait and crossing our fingers that approval comes soon.  Here is a little more information about what the Home Studay entails:

People who adopt have to go through an extensive background check in order to be approved to adopt. The major portion of this background check is called a "home study", where a licensed social worker investigates the family through personal visits, home visits, references, criminal background clearances, health verifications and other related information (such as proof of insurance, birth/marriage certificates, proof income, etc..). Home studies must be done by a licensed social worker or a social worker employed by a licensed agency. In general, home studies are pretty thorough and check out the potential parents with so many checks and balances that any unfavorable information would come out.

We are hoping to get our approval letter any day so we can send everything off to USCIS (Immigration).   That process takes approx 6-10 weeks so we are eager to get it started.  We have run into a few snags filling out our USCIS paperwork, but our agency is awesome and has figured it all out for us. 

I also wanted to update everyone on the 5k Run my friend Kate and I did last week.  We finished, I was still standing upright and I didn't get any injuries. WhooHoo!! We had a great time (despite the oppressive humidity at 8 am : )  Thank you to everyone who supported us in our Run for Baby Hendricks. 


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