Monday, May 16, 2011

Running to Baby Hendricks......

Anyone who has ever met me knows that I am NOT a runner.  In fact, if you look up klutz in the dictionary you would see a picture of me surrounded by what could be my own medical supply store.  You name it and I have sprained, strained, pulled or broken it.  It really is amazing that I have lived to the ripe old age of........well maybe we won't go there : ) 

To the point of the matter.  My friend Kate and I are running in the In His Hands Orphans Outreach 5k on June 4th at Rochester Park.  This is a wonderful organization that helps orphans all over the world. Since Mark and I are actively adopting you can make a pledge for the 5k by addressing the check to In His Hands Orphans Outreach and putting Hendricks Family in the memo section.  They will keep track of pledges made to us and the proceeds will go towards our adoption.  If you send me a message I can add you to my pledge sheet and give you my address for you to send a check.  If you prefer to donate to the organization directly please do so.  What this organization does is something Mark and I feel very strongly about and we will not be offended if you want the money to go to the organization for further projects.  Also if you are in the area and want to participate in the Run/Walk that is even better.  Please see there website below for more information about the 5k and In His Hands Orphans Outreach mission.


P.S.  Home Study went off to DCFS today.  WhooooHoooo!!!  So excited. 

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