Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where are we now??

Sorry for the delay in posting.  We have been crazy busy these last few weeks.  Here is what is happening now.  We had our final home study visit on 4/1/11, so now we are just waiting on the final word that we are approved.  Many of you have asked, "What is involved in a home study?"  Firstly they get a very detailed history from each of us.  They also want to find out about our parenting styles and how we have/are preparing for this baby.  They do background checks and speak to references.  Then they do both individual and couple interviews, before moving on to the physical home inspection.  Baxter tried to help us out here by trying to lick our poor social worker to death.  Thankfully she likes dogs or we could have been in trouble : )  As far as the in home part they just want to make sure you have enough physical space for baby.  You also have to show basic safety measures (ex: fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, meds and cleaning supplies our of reach, etc...). Overall we feel like things went pretty well and are just waiting on the final report to be done. 

Secondly we are in full swing planning our HUGE Garage/Bake sale for next weekend.  The sale is going to be at our house (sorry I just am not ready to put address' on the internet just yet, but feel free to email or call if you want the address).  At last count we have had donations from at least 17 different families and I lovingly refer to our home as the "Hendricks Family Thrift Store" right now.  Seriously though we are so grateful to all the people who have donated and helped us organize all of this. The sale will be Friday May 6, from 1-7 pm and Sat. May 7 from 8-12.  

We have also started selling t-shirts on Adoption Bug.  A portion of each t-shirt sold will go straight to our adoption fund.  Fell free to check out the link below if you are interesting in buying a t-shirt.  Hoping to have more good news to pass along soon.  If you hang in with us I promise we will get the hang of this whole blogging thing : )

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