Saturday, April 9, 2011

Generous Hearts

Today I find myself humbled by the generousity of strangers.  As many of you know, we are planning a huge garage sale and bake sale in May to help pay for our next set of fees for the adoption.  For months our truly amazing family and friends have been donating to our cause.  We have been diligently sorting and pricing as things come in, and trying to keep things a little bit organized.  Today we stopped by the garage sale of a co-worker to pick up her leftover things and found ourselves with alot more than we could ever have imagined.  Keep in mind that this was a mulit-family sale and I was only anticipating picking up the few things my co-worker had left.  After we arrived other family's realized what we were taking things for and eagerly started adding things to our pile.  These are strangers to us, but they were willing to donate their things (which they could have potentially made money on at another date) to us for our garage sale next month. By the end we filled up 1 truck and 2 SUV's, and I mean we could not fit one more piece of paper in them kind of full.  I feel so blessed to have come into contact with so many amazing people.  For everyone who has helped us during this journey, whether thru donation, time or prayers, we Thank You. 

Mark and Ashley

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  1. How sweet! This brought tears to my eyes, yes, my eyes! There are good people out there and I am glad you have support with this big journey. Best of luck! Keep us posted.