Saturday, June 8, 2013

Random updates.........

I just thought it was time to do some random updates going into summer:

-Konnor has gotten 2 canines in and is workong on a 3rd one, with only one more to go....Yay......Unfortunately this means that pretty soon we will be working on 2 yr molars : (

-In the last week he has started taking not only his little yellow stuffed ducky to bed, but now he is taking a blanket to bed with him also!!!!!!  This is HUGE people!!!!  He doesn't necessarily always want it on him, but sometimes he does and considering that a year ago he wouldn't have anything to do with anything soft this is a huge step.

-Our regular speech therapist Brittany is back from maternity leave, YIIIPPPEEE!!!  Konnor loves Miss Brittany and when he saw her he got all excited, took my hand and reach over to take her hand and then headed back to his speech room.  It was soooo sweet!  He did very well with his first session back with her.  He is in a phase where we can understand a few words he is trying to say, but most other people cannot.  Right now I can tell when he says the following: milk, mine (gotta love daycare), Yes, Nei Nei (this means "go Night Night") occasionally he will say Bax (his version of Baxter), he does a very good "H" sound for Help, Mama, I swear I heard a version of train the other day, he is starting to get an "N" and "P" sound but no real words with them yet.

-We have unofficially started potty training.  When he moved up to the 2yr old room at daycare I started offering the potty b/c he would be seeing other children at school using it.  He would go occasionally, but not with any real consistency, and let's be truthful here....Mama just wasn't ready to start potty training yet.  In the last 2 weeks though he will consistently go potty pretty much every time you ask and just in the last few days he has started going into the bathroom and putting his potty seat on the toilet then asking for help.  We went to the store yesterday and got some pullups and we are going to try to set aside a whole weekend here soon that we are staying home and really focusing on potty training.  : ( He is just growing up sooooo fast!

-Konnor's new favorite things are cars/trucks and trains.  Loves them and we have to read about them and play with them allllllll day.

Thanks for stopping by!!  Hope everyone is having a fantabulous summer!


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