Sunday, September 16, 2012

3-4 months home

Ok, so I left off the last post with me getting ready to go back to work.  I started back to work 3 days a week on July 30.   That first week was awful.  Thankfully my Mother is watching Konnor the 3 days a week that I am working right now which means that I get text messages throughout the day about what he is doing.  That has really helped me alot.  Konnor is doing fine with the arrangement.  Sometimes we have some tears, but we have gotten into a routine of saying goodbye in the morning and smiles/hugs and kisses when Mark and I get home at night  so he is doing much better.  I am so thankful that I have such an amazing and hardworking husband that I can only work part-time.  It is wonderful to get to spend that extra time with Konnor and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

July 31 he had a final post-op recheck with the surgeon who cleared him to eat regular food again and said he would just see him at his next surgery.  August was a rough month for the little man.  He had some infected ears and teething for pretty much the whole month.  Lets just say that we now know that when he starts having sleeping issues it is probably related to ears or teeth (with the exception of a night terror every now and then but these are rare now).  The Dr. said that unfortunately he is going to be one of those kids that just has a really hard time with teething.  So now we have a fourth tooth, YIPPPEEE!!!  It only took 4 weeks to break thru too : )  We think he may be working on a few more, including one that may be coming into his nasal passage (this is due to the gum realignment surgery).  It is no big deal and the Dr. isn't worried.  He said that since we know he has more surgeries in the future that we will just keep an eye on it and if there comes a time when it needs to be removed then so be it.  Right now it is not breaking thru, just a bump.  Since his ears cleared up though he has been much better.  Still a drooling machine who has now decided that he doesn't want to wear bibs, but overall he is doing great.

In the last few weeks we have noticed that he is becoming a picky eater.  He has finally figured out that Mama and Papa will feed him no matter what so he feels comfortable in refusing what he doesn't like.  He especially doesn't like meat.  He will eat a little bit of turkey, but for the most part you have to hide the meat in his other food and wait to see how many bites it takes him to figure it out and start chewing around it to spit the meat back out.  If you put it all on his tray he will just pick around the meat completely.  Right now we are getting alot of his proteins thru dairy which is okay.  He has now started on whole milk and LOVES, and I mean LOVES it!!!!  We have spent 4 month trying to get fluids in the child b/c he isn't much of a drinker.  If I would have known that he liked milk so much we would have started it alot sooner.

We had a check up with the Pediatrician 2 weeks ago just to touch base and see how he is doing.  She was very impressed at how far he has come in just 3 1/2 short months.  He has gained almost 4 lbs and 2 inches since we brought him home.  He is now in all 12 month clothes (this is huge for a child that was in 3-9 mo clothes when we got him: ) and I think we may have to move up to 18 mo jammies soon.  It is more a length issues than anything, b/c he has an itty bitty little waist.  We asked the Pediatrician about if she felt he needed OT and she said nothing she saw was concerning to her and that if he is delayed at this point it is only minimally.  Yay!!!!  He can stack 2-3 blocks at a time now, can feed himself, has started working with eating with a spoon, runs, climbs 1-2 steps up and down and open and closes everything in sight.  He doesn't have any words yet which is to be expected, but he jibber jabber's alllllllll day.  You can tell he has alot to say, but just can't form the words yet.  Soon baby boy, soon.  We are planning on starting speech therapy in December or January.   We want to give him enough time to heal after his upcoming surgery at the end of October.

I tell you what this little guy is exhausting : )  In a good way, but we are totally ready for bed at the end of the day.  He just go go go's all day.  I love it!!!!  I am so happy that he is an active child.  Now that it is not 115 degrees outside we are trying to get him out a little more b/c he loves being outside.  We are also trying to arrange more play dates with friends children.  We think he really misses being around other kids.  Whenever we are out he gets upset and reaches for another child if they are crying, and he always seeks other kids out to play.  He doesn't necessary play much with them (which is age appropriate), but just wants to be around them and hand them toys to play with.  We are planning on him starting daycare in December or January so hopefully that will help.

He still freely goes to either Mark or I, but he definitely prefers his Mama if he is upset.  And Oh how those big brown eyes and crocodile tears can just break your heart.  He lets Grandparents hold him without issue, but if he is upset he still wants Mama or Papa.  Beyond that he still doesn't let others hold him.  This is a good thing as far as attachment goes so no complaints here.  The really beautiful thing is that we think he is catching up to the point where we are starting to see real age appropriate toddler behaviors.  We have had a couple of genuine fits when he didn't get his way, picky eating and just general orneriness.  It is a beautiful thing to see the boy who just a few months ago would do whatever/or eat whatever you wanted him to become this little person that is developing his own personality and preferences.  Love, Love, Love It!!!!!

Currently his favorite toys are one of my spatulas and an small blue plastic colander that he wears on his head.  Oh and any kind of ball---yes he is his Papa's son : )  He had his first full football weekend in our house last week and it was great.  Lots of hanging around with my two favorite guys. Konnor would even stop every now and again and watch the games for a couple minutes like he was trying to figure out what the hype was all about.  Don't worry Konnor, your Papa will teach you everything anyone could ever want to know about sports.  Overall our little family is doing amazingly well.  We are just in awe of this child and how much he has blessed our lives.

Here is that oneriness that I was talking about : )

Taken 3 months after gotcha day

First official family picture.  He wouldn't smile for anything!

My Boys, Love them so much!!!!

Love this picture

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