Friday, January 20, 2012

Exciting things are happening!!!!

First of all YES, we have finally chosen a name.....Konnor.  We are so excited to not be calling him Baby Boy anymore : )  Second is that we got some awesome news from our agency that we have been approved for a matching Grant.  WhooHooo!!!!!  The grant is thru an organization called Brittany's Hope and it is a matching grant.  We have been allotted a specific amount and then we have to raise the same amount thru fundraising!!!  This is so exciting.  Every little bit helps and as we are hopefully only a few months from travel we are plugging away at fundraising.

On that note, I know I said a couple months ago that we have finished our Adoption Bug T-shirt fundraiser, but truthfully I just never got around to emailing the company to stop it.  So if you are still interested in a t-shirt please check out our site.  I am going to email the company tonight that February 6th is the official end date of this fundraiser.  See the link below if you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt.  In a couple days we will also be adding some silent auction items to the blog.  Specifics on these items to come in a few days.  Hopefully the next few months will fly by and we can get Konnor home to his forever family!

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